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METRO Connect

Affordable, Accessible Transit Service, Your Way!

METRO Connect is a newer microtransit service at Rock Region METRO.

See How to Use METRO Connect Microtransit Below.

Why Microtransit?

For certain service areas, microtransit does a better job of meeting transit demand than a full-size bus operating on a fixed route. Microtransit allows Rock Region METRO to provide on-demand transit rides using smaller vehicles within a set zone, during regular operating hours, via its METRO Connect on-demand service.

Benefits to Riders

METRO Connect offers:

  • FASTER SERVICE: The former Route 9 West Central/John Barrow Road operated on a 65-minute frequency, and the former Route 21 Riverdale operated on a 40-minute frequency. The METRO Connect on-demand service averages a total wait and travel time of 20 minutes or less within these zone/points of interest.
  • SAME PRICE: A passenger trip on a METRO Connect vehicle costs the same fare rate as a trip on a METRO bus: For an Adult One-Way Ride Cash Fare, it’s $1.35 per trip.
  • NEW PLACES: The METRO Connect John Barrow Road zone contains spots that have not previously been served by non-paratransit public transit service. Those spots include CARTI Cancer Center in Little Rock and Camp Aldersgate and other locations along Aldersgate Road. The METRO Connect Riverdale Zone includes front-door service to the downtown Little Rock train station (Amtrak), the Coolwood Neighborhood, Holcombe Heights, Apartments, Rivercliff Apartments, Tree Top Condominiums, The Cliffs Condominiums, the Arkansas Department of Heritage and Dillard’s Corporate Office.

How to Use METRO Connect Microtransit

METRO Connect offers a smartphone app, the Transloc Microtransit App, (and dial-in service) to schedule ride-hailing trips occurring within a set service area, during regular METRO Connect zone operating hours (hours vary per zone). Each zone has specific “points of interest” that allow riders to travel to a specific transfer point outside of the zone to access additional METRO transit service, such as fixed routes. Click on the dropdown menu above for zone maps, hours of operations, specific zone “points of interest,” and connecting fixed routes. Standard METRO fares apply.

Download the Transloc Microtransit App:

Transloc Microtransit App Logo

Transloc Microtransit App Logo

Transloc Microtransit App Step-by-Step Directions:

1. Download the Transloc Microtransit App. (This app requires Android 5.0, released in 2014, and iOS 10.0 or later.)
2. Allow the app to access your smartphone’s locations services.
3. Create an account. Please Note: Disregard the university account login prompt and instead create a Transloc account.
4. Click Ridesharing Services and select Connect John Barrow Road Zone Weekday, Connect John Barrow Road Zone Saturday, Connect Riverdale Zone Weekday or Connect Riverdale Zone Saturday.
5. Tap the map.
6. Confirm your pickup location and select your drop-off location. Both locations must be within the zone (either the John Barrow Road Zone or the Riverdale Zone; you CANNOT connect directly from one zone to the other, but you can connect to nearby fixed bus routes from either zone).
7. To schedule your ride in advance, change your pickup time by tapping ASAP and selecting a new date and time. Rides may be scheduled up to one week in advance.
8. Select the number of passengers with you and whether you need a wheelchair-accessible vehicle.
9. Tap Request Ride when ready.

Stay informed on your ride status with push notifications.

Should you need to cancel a ride, click on the three dots and select Cancel Ride Request. Riders: There is a 5-minute limit waiting on passengers for pickup. After five minutes of waiting, the ride will be cancelled.

Don’t have a smartphone?

Call METRO Dispatch at 501-476-3761 to schedule your pickup. You will be asked for your first and last name and phone number to set up a METRO Connect Transloc account, or, if you have an existing METRO Connect Transloc account, you will be asked for the email address associated with it.


Standard METRO fares apply. Cash, passes and Token Transit app passes are accepted. Coming Soon: Pay your fare within the Transloc Microtransit app for faster boarding! Please note: Collected fares are not refundable.

Booking for a loved one, patient, student or someone else?

Visit ondemand.transloc.com. For step-by-step instructions, click here.

Download the Transloc app but seeing a blank, black page?

If you are accessing the app farther than 30 miles from a zone parameter, a zone will not appear within the app and a “Booking unavailable” message will appear.

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