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You aren’t alone! Public transit use is on the rise, even in little ol’ central Arkansas. And we’re here to help!

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METRO Transit 101

Learning how to use transit is an important life skill with the power to change one’s life. Consider where you would be without basic transportation



Tools for WHERE You Are Going

Old-School Tool: Printed System Map (Pop Quiz: How do you know if your printed map is current in a world of constant change? See the current brochure code list at rrmetro.org/services/local/maps-schedules.)

New-School Tool: rrmetro.org Homepage Trip Planner

Advanced: Get Step-by-Step Directions and/or Choose a Trip Date and Time at rrmetro.org/find-my-ride.

Make sure you select the Google Transit icon (it looks like a subway car on rails) to get step-by-step transit directions. Use the Google “Leave Now” dropdown menu to select a different date and time to plan trips happening in the future, when route patterns and schedules may be different than those of the current day of the week and time.

New-School Tool: The rrmetrotrack.org website is the online version of the METROtrack real-time arrival information system. Use the live map to view up to three routes simultaneously.

Tools for WHEN You Are Going

Old-School Tool: Printed Schedule Brochures (Pop Quiz: How do you know if your printed schedule is current in a world of constant change? See the current brochure code list at rrmetro.org/services/local/maps-schedules.)

New-School Tool: Online Schedule Tables (Find them at rrmetro.org/find-my-ride.)

What Is a Timepoint?

Each route has many stops. Listing when the transit vehicle will stop at each would cause printed schedules and online schedule tables to be unmanageable. Timepoints are selected stops at the beginning, middle and end of the bus route in one direction, matched with the time the bus is supposed to arrive at each. To figure out when the bus will stop at your particular bus stop, view the timepoint stops closest to your stop and make an educated guess as to when the bus will arrive at your stop.

No-Service Days

METRO does not operate service on New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.


Tools for Fare Payment

Find current fare rates and discount information here.

Old School Tool: Pay in Person at the River Cities Travel Center (downtown bus station at 310 Capitol Ave., Little Rock) or the Rock Region METRO Headquarters (901 Maple St., North Little Rock)

New-ish School Tool: rrmetro.org Online Store, with pickup or “snail mail” option

Determine how you plan to use the system to figure out which fare product works best for you.

New-School Tool: Download the free Token Transit smartphone app to buy a virtual pass on your smartphone. Show the animated pass display to your transit driver and then take a seat!

What is a transfer pass?

If your bus doesn’t take you as far as your destination, you may have to transfer to another bus to complete your trip. A time-sensitive transfer pass is issued to provide service between two points not served by a single route. Each transfer pass costs 5 cents and must be purchased when you get on the first bus of your trip and pay your fare. Transfer passes cannot be used for a return trip. METRO transfer passes expire within two hours of purchase.


Real-Time Arrival Information, Three Ways:

Online Live Maps

Bus Stop Sign Texting System

FREE METROtrack Mobile App (Available at the Google Play Store or Apple App Store)

Service Alerts

Service alerts can always be found at the red bar across the top of the rrmetro.org homepage. If there is no red bar visible, there is no service alert in effect. Service alerts are posted at the rrmetrotrack.org and within the METROtrack mobile app Service Alerts menu. Sometimes alerts are also posted on the @rrmetro Facebook and Twitter pages. Push notifications and texts are sometimes used as well, depending on the nature of the service alert and time of day it is issued. (Pop Quiz: Do you know what your route defaults to on a snow day? Learn more at rrmetro.org/services/local/maps-schedules.)

Annual Service Enhancements

METRO assesses all routes each year and proposes minor changes for some, depending on a variety of factors. The goal is to improve the passenger experience. Changes usually are communicated to the public via public information meetings in the spring or summer, with implementation in the late summer or early fall. Learn more at rrmetro.org/annual-service-enhancements.

Want More Buses, More Places, More Often?

We hear ya! Calling all prospective METRO advocates to learn about our R.I.D.E. 2020 transit network redesign plan and the change to the METRO funding structure the plan requires at rrmetro.org/ride2020. Here, you’ll learn more about advocating for more buses, more places, more often. When was the last time you told your employer, your educational institution, your health care provider, your favorite store operators and your local elected officials how important transit is to your daily life?

Need to view our website in another language? Use the Google Translate tool at the bottom of the site.

Need to view real-time arrival information with a screen-reader device? Visit rrmetrotrack.org and select the Text Only subpage.

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