Find All Ongoing Transit Service Alerts Here

Posted on May 7, 2020 in Alerts

METRO Riders, please find all ongoing bus, streetcar, paratransit and microtransit service alerts related to the coronavirus pandemic here.

Link: Monday, June 8: Rock Region METRO First COVID-19 Case Reported


  • Always check for active service alerts before each transit trip and please remember that you must wear a face-covering, fully covering your nose and mouth to ride METRO vehicles (learn how to make your own mask at home here:
  • Board from the back of the bus (fare collection enforcement is temporarily suspended to encourage social distancing), sit in designated seats and limit your transit trips to essential trips only (work, the grocery store, pharmacy/health appointments).
  • Remember that buses are limited to 10 or fewer passengers per trip. Tips to try and get one those 10 seats: Board at an earlier time than normal, board at a less-popular stop along the route or board a nearby, different route.
  • Remember that Lost and Found services are temporarily suspended: METRO turns over wallets to the local police department immediately. METRO will hold other items until 30 days after the end of the pandemic; riders cannot claim them until then. METRO administrative offices are closed to the public to further encourage social distancing.

These services are NOT operating until further notice:

METRO Streetcar Service

Route 1 Pulaski Heights (Beginning Monday, May 11)

Route 7 Shorter College (Beginning Monday, May 11; see Airport/Port/Shorter Zone information below)

Route 12 Clinton Center/Airport (Beginning Monday, May 11; see Airport/Port/Shorter Zone information below)

Route 17 Mabelvale/Downtown

Route 19 Hensley Express (Beginning Monday, May 11; see Hensley – Limited Service Zone information below)

Route 20 Hanger Hill/College Station (Beginning Monday, May 11; see Airport/Port/Shorter Zone information below)

Route 25 Pinnacle Mountain Express

Route 26 Maumelle/Oak Grove Express

Route 36 Jacksonville/Sherwood Express


There have been several bus service modifications since the coronavirus outbreak. Please see a comprehensive list below for weekday service, Saturday service, and Sunday service. 

Ongoing Weekday Service Changes:

Route 8 Rodney Parham has a schedule change and route pattern adjustment starting Monday, May 11: service will run between the route’s terminating point at Rainwood Road & Green Mountain Drive and the Midtown Transfer Hub (the stops along Midtown Avenue behind the Midtown Target shopping center) only; riders can transfer to Routes 3 Baptist Medical Center or 5 West Markham to reach downtown from the Midtown Transfer Hub. Find the updated Route 8 schedule here. 

METRO Connect Airport/Port/Shorter Zone: A temporary METRO Connect Airport/Port/Shorter on-demand microtransit zone has been set up to provide a base level of service to riders along the suspended Routes 7 Shorter College, 12 Clinton Center/Airport and 20 Hanger Hill/College Station. Click here for more information on how this will work. This service begins Monday, May 11.

METRO Connect Hensley – Limited Service Zone: The METRO Connect Hensley – Limited Service Zone is a ride-hailing service pilot project (active starting Thursday, May 14, 2020) and connects riders near the temporarily suspended Route 19 Hensley Express to other METRO routes each Thursday. The service uses smaller vehicles and on-demand service from four designated stops to take riders to the River Cities Travel Center and back. The River Cities Travel Center must be the starting or ending destination for each trip, and the other destination must be one of the four sole boarding stops. Click here for more information on how this will work (scroll toward the bottom of the linked page).

Again, the following routes are NOT currently in service, including on weekdays, as of Monday, May 11: Routes 1, 7, 12, 17, 19, 20, 25, 26, and 36. 

Ongoing Saturday Service Changes:

The following routes will only be operating on one bus on Saturdays; riders can expect delays in service: 

  • Route 4 Levy/Amboy
  • Route 6 Granite Mountain

One additional bus will be operating along the following routes: 

  • Route 3 Baptist Medical Center
  • Route 5 West Markham
  • Route 10 McCain Mall
  • Route 14 Rosedale
  • Route 22 University Ave./Mabelvale

Routes 8 Rodney Parham and 23 Baseline/Southwest will follow their Sunday route patterns.

Route 18 McAlmont will follow its FULL route pattern to serve the Walmart on McCain.

METRO Connect: John Barrow Road Zone and METRO Connect: Riverdale Zone will operate from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. on Saturdays until further notice.

METRO Links will operate from 5 a.m. – 6 p.m. only on Saturdays until further notice.

Please check the “Sunday +” Schedule PDF to see the enhanced Sunday service runs for Saturday service and the following link for an interactive map of each enhanced Sunday route pattern:,-92.33143,10.5

Again, the following routes are NOT currently in service, including on Saturdays, as of Monday, May 11: Routes 1, 7, 12, 19 and 20. 

Sunday Service:

Regular Sunday service is still in operation.

Again, Route 12 is NOT currently in service, including on Sundays, as of Monday, May 11.